UNO Lakefront Arena

UNO Lakefront Arena


6801 Franklin Ave
New Orleans

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Events are radiantly presented whether the performance is in 3000, 10000 or anything in between. The grounds are ideal for an outdoor event.

Because of the excellent acoustics and the intimacy of design, the Arena has maintained the reputation that there is no bad seat in the house. Each patron

can feel close to the performer and the action!

This truly mult-purpose facility is operated by the University of New Orleans. Consistently ranked among the top ten in entertainment industry publications, the Arena has enjoyed the rating of #1 internationally in its category. The Arena has been included in the Top Ten for well over a decade among all public assembly venues, and is the #1 university venue of its size-a status that it has maintained for several years.

Versatility is the hallmark of the Lakefront Arena. Whatever the configuration or event, you can be assured that at the Lakefront Arena you will…

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